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Aerodynamic Biocar Based on Boxfish

Nowadays, everything is about green technology or efficiency. We have cars like the Toyota Prius and Chevy Volt which both produce far less emissions than your average passenger car. These cars are great solutions to the environmental problems that we currently face as a society of consumers. However, we have yet to design a car […]

Stanford’s Perching Drones Land Vertically

Who would think that an airplane could land on the side of your house? The guys at Stanford would. Stanford University’s Biomimetics Laboratory has been working on a small scale fixed wing aircraft that can perch on the side of a building, or just about any vertical surface. The plane’s “landing gear” consists of flexible […]

Batman and Biomimetics

Superman cannot be explained. He soars faster than a speeding bullet- and without aid. Iron Man can be described as an engineer. He built a high-tech suit to rocket him sky high. Batman however, uses neither high-tech suits or the power of radiation to fly. Batman has mastered biomimetics. Biomimetics is the art of mimicking […]