Ecolympics 2011

ecolympics2011Following the tradition started last year, the Core Curriculum is proud to continue in the effort to raise awareness of the value of biodiversity, and how we can positively and negatively affect it.  Professor Daniel Hudon provides context for this year’s events on the Ecolympics blog:

This year is the International Year of Forests and Yann Arthus-Bertrand, who directed the compelling eco-documentary Home (and put it online, gratis) has prepared a visually stunning short film to summarize the importance of forests. Here, also, is a collection of some endangered forests around the world, from which the above photos are taken.
We’re now in the planning stages for this year’s Ecolympics. Along with our main Ecolympics activities, we’re aiming to again feature vegetarian cooking classes and film nights as well as some new events like hosting sustainability seminars, going on local hikes and possibly tree planting. If you’re at BU and want to get involved, do get in touch. If you’re beyond BU and want to get involved, also get in touch! We want to make a bigger, longer-lasting impact this year and we can do that with your help.

Every participant is guaranteed cookies and warm-fuzzy feelings for helping the environment (though cookies may be cut for budget purposes). Questions regarding the Ecolympics should be sent to Professor Hudon.

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