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Biological research by Core Alum Martha Muñoz

Core alumna Martha Muñoz has recently been involved in some very interesting evolutionary research! Here the Core has laid out some of the information Martha provides on her own page: I am studying how behavior can simultaneously impede and impel evolution in different traits in the lizard, Anolis cybotes, a species that ranges from sea level […]

The ‘Histomap’ Of Evolution

Relating to CC106’s study of biodiversity is a 1932 ‘histomap’ by John B. Sparks portraying evolution’s progress “for ten thousand million years”:                                                       To read criticism of this ‘histomap’, […]

Citizen Science Project Identifies Species By Their Calls

CC106 delves into the current issues with biodiversity. Here is a sample from an article about exciting new technology that battles these issues: Global biodiversity is not doing so well these days, with many scientists even believing that we’re on the brink of the world’s sixth mass extinction. … Simply put: We just don’t know how […]

Five reasons YOU should do the Ecolympics

Prof. Daniel Hudon gives five great reasons for YOU to register for, and to participate in, the 2nd annual Ecolympics. The Ecolympics are coming: April 1-15, 2011 Help mobilize for Planet Earth.

Ecolympics Audio Poster

(featuring the voice of Prof. Daniel Hudon) The Ecolympics are coming: April 1-15, 2011 Help mobilize for Planet Earth.

Contribute to the Core Eco-quotes Project!

The second-ever Ecolympics, April 1-15, is going to be bigger and better than last year’s, and you can help: by contributing to the Core Eco-quotes Project. As you know, Core is about tackling the big questions in life and certainly one of the biggest these days is how can humans best live with and within […]

Ecolympics 2011

Following the tradition started last year, the Core Curriculum is proud to continue in the effort to raise awareness of the value of biodiversity, and how we can positively and negatively affect it.  Professor Daniel Hudon provides context for this year’s events on the Ecolympics blog: This year is the International Year of Forests and […]