The Core Journal: now accepting submissions

The Core Journal is now accepting submissions from current students and alumni, to be published in print this May. We’ll consider all kinds of content, including:

  • class assignments
  • interviews with Core authors, faculty, and lecturers
  • creative non-fiction, and expository and personal essays
  • research articles from the Natural and Social Sciences courses
  • original poetry and fiction (does not necessarily need to be Core-related)
  • imagined dialogues between characters from Core texts
  • book reviews
  • photography and drawing
  • translations of excerpts from the Core texts in their original languages: German, Spanish, Sanskrit, French, Hebrew, Italian, Russian, Greek, Latin, Arabic, etc.

Submissions should  be sent to We encourage you to submit your work for consideration; publication in the Journal is a way to add another kind of experience to your resume, and is satisfying in its own right.

With thanks,

Jennifer Zimmerman, CAS ’13
Editor, The Journal of the Core Curriculum No. 20

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