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Core Journal Now Available!

The Spring 2013 Edition of the Core Curriculum Jounal is now available online, at bit.ly/1255au1 (click on Vol. XXII). Congratulations to the staff – you have done a fantastic job! If anyone would like a hard copy, feel free to send us your address at core@bu.edu and we will get to it!

The Core Journal Staff: Crunching Time

In the final days before the Core Journal’s release, organized chaos took over the Core Curriculum’s office. Here are photos capturing our intellectual panic:                      

Interview with Stephen Esposito

Did you see this interview with Prof. Esposito, when it was posted last month following its publication in the Core Journal? Here’s an excerpt: How do you think the addition of Ajax has been beneficial for CC101? It’s a tender matter to bring up suicide to eighteen-year-olds because they’re on the cusp of a whole […]

The Core Journal: now accepting submissions

The Core Journal is now accepting submissions from current students and alumni, to be published in print this May. We’ll consider all kinds of content, including: class assignments interviews with Core authors, faculty, and lecturers creative non-fiction, and expository and personal essays research articles from the Natural and Social Sciences courses original poetry and fiction […]

“The Sun and the Moon have no choice in their existence”

In her essay for the Spring 2010 issue of the Core Journal, Fabiana Cabral explicates Emily Dickinson’s poem, “It Sifts from Leaden Sieves,” in which–Cabral argues–Dickinson is declaring man’s mortality as a kind of freedom: The Sun and the Moon have no choice in their existence. As eternal figures, they must remain in the sky […]