Interview with Stephen Esposito

Did you see this interview with Prof. Esposito, when it was posted last month following its publication in the Core Journal? Here’s an excerpt:


Photo of Prof. Stephen Esposito by Hannah Franke, 2011

How do you think the addition of Ajax has been beneficial for CC101?
It’s a tender matter to bring up suicide to eighteen-year-olds because they’re on the cusp of a whole new world, in the tender rite of passage from girls to women, boys to men. I think it’s a bold and brave move on the part of the Core to present to eighteen-year-olds a play that is somewhat frightening, but, for all its sadness, so illuminating and uplifting. We could pretend the students at Boston University don’t think about suicide, but we’d be fooling ourselves. There’s a way in which we, the Core faculty, by asking our students to read this play, are doing the same thing that the Theatre of War people are doing for the U.S. military; after all, many of those soldiers are only eighteen years old. So we’re creating a forum for our young people to talk openly and honestly about a difficult issue. And that is what education is all about.

Read the entire interview, conducted by Hannah Franke, over at the Core Features page.

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