The Ecolympics on BU Today

The Core Curriculum’s Ecolympics were recently covered on BU Today, complete with comprehensive explanations on the event as well as an informative video.

The Ecolympics is not a Core Curriculum exclusive event. Jillian Ferraro (CAS’13), one of the event’s organizers says “I believe that everyone can make a difference in bettering our environment. The problem is that not many people know how to start. By competing in Ecolympics, I’m hoping that people will realize that there are little steps they can take that will make a big impact.” Tell everyone you know, Core Student or not, to join in making a difference.

The Ecolympics consists of several events geared toward reducing our carbon footprint and formulating more environmentally conscious habits. For example, Plastic Schmastic cuts down on plastic waste and encourages the usage of eco-friendly alternatives. More information on the types of events and how to sign up can be found at

Be sure to participate in the Ecolympic’s external activities as well. There will be a fair-trade seminar presented by the fair-trade group Equal Exchange on Wednesday, April 13, at 6 p.m. Fair-trade chocolate will also be provided, according to Professor Daniel Hudon of the Core Curriculum.

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