Core Scavenger Hunt on Saturday

Core-Graveyard-Scavenger-HuntA message from Prof. Eckel…

This is just a reminder that we are planning an exciting (and challenging) new scavenger hunt this Saturday through the galleries and graveyards of Boston. I hope that you will consider putting together a team and joining the competition.

The hunt will begin in the Core office (CAS 119) at 11:00 on Saturday morning to pick up directions, assemble your teams, and plan your journeys through Boston. The trip will feature the following stops:

A search through the Museum of Fine Arts to find a series of mummies, mausoleums, and severed body parts (including a Tibetan ritual skull cup); a walk on the Freedom Trail to visit the graveyards of 17th and 18th century Boston, with a side visit to the Italian bakeries of Boston’s North End; a stop in Harvard Square at Burdick’s chocolate shop to sample the best hot chocolate in Boston; and a visit to Mount Auburn Cemetery, the first garden cemetery in the US, to find the family mausoleum of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and the grave of Boston’s most famous murder victim

The first team to return to the Core office with pictures of all the stops will win a $200 gift certificate to Barnes and Noble, to be divided among the team members. The second and third teams will win gift certificates of $100 each.

It is not necessary to have a team to participate. You can show up on Saturday morning and we will assign you a to a team. But it is important to let us know in advance that you are planning to attend. Space is limited, and we do not want you to be shut out.

Please let the Core staff know if you will be a part of this important Core event.

The only things you need to bring will be warm clothes, comfortable shoes, T passes, and a phone with a camera so that you can record the places you visit.

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