Postcards to the Core: From Chicago, June 2016


Our latest postcard comes from Core alumna, and current BU Assistant Director of Judicial Affairs, Kim Santo. She recently visited Chicago for a professional convention, and dropped us a line:

June 7, 2016
Dear Core Curriculum:

Greetings from Chicago! (What a toddlin’ town.) This might be my new favorite artist [referring to Archibald Motley, whose painting “Nightlife” appears on the front of this postcard.] He’s a local guy. (He’s new to me, anyway.) See you soon!




If you’re a Core or EnCore person, you should make Kim part of your network! Find her on Twitter at @kimsantobu.


Core loves postcards. Whether you’re at home or abroad now, we’d love to get one from you. Our address is easy: Core Curriculum, Boston University, Boston MA 02215.

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