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From The Guardian: House of Names by Colm Tibn brilliant retelling of a Greek tragedy

Colm Toibin is an author whose latest novel, House of Names, a retelling of a Aeschylus’ The Oresteia, has graced fine book stores everywhere. Alex Preston, writing forThe Guardian, notes, however: I say ostensibly a retelling, because House of Names gives us so much that isnt in the original trilogy (and excludes so much that […]

Analects of the Core: Aeschylus on marriage

Marriage of man and wife is Fate itself, stronger than oaths, and Justice guards its life. But if one destroys the other and you relent — no revenge, not a glance in anger — then I say your manhunt of Orestes is unjust. — Apollo addressing the Leader,  in Aeschylus’s Eumenides, the final play in […]