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From The Chicago Maroon: Read it and Weep

(“Read it and Weep” might not have been the best entry into one’s column). As all of you probably know, our world has experienced a tragedy recently, and some of us are still finding it difficult to recover from the sounding of the death-knell: Bob Dylan has been awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature: Literature? […]

From the Times Literary Supplement: Dylan’s voice, music, and words

A visionary trinity. ProfesSir Christopher Ricks is one of the most energetic octogenarians we have on the literary scene. Age has clearly not impaired his hearing, which has been and remains so keenly attune to the sounds and subtleties of (among others) Milton and Tennyson, that it has served as an aid for our own. […]

On Relating Core to Bob Dylan

As Professor David Roochnick mentioned this morning as part of CC102’s concluding thoughts from the faculty, the lyrics of Bob Dylan’s Chimes of Freedom (here performed by Bruce Springsteen) reflect the themes and ideas covered throughout the first year of core humanities. Lyrics: Far between sundown’s finish an’ midnight’s broken toll We ducked inside the […]