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Analects of the Core: Beauvoir on gender inequality

A woman who expends her energy, who has responsibilities, who knows how harsh is the struggle against the world’s opposition, needs — like the male — not only to satisfy her physical desires but also to enjoy the relaxation and diversion provided by agreeable sexual adventures. — French existentialist philosopher Simone de Beauvoir, from The […]

Analects of the Core: Beauvoir on female sexuality

Sexual initiation!  Not to be mentioned in our house! . . . I hunted in books, but wore myself out without finding the road. . . . For my schoolteacher the question did not seem to exist. . . . A book finally showed me the truth, and my overexcitement disappeared; but I was most […]

The lingering effects of slavery in America

Prof. Thornton Lockwood writes… In my CC204 lecture on race earlier this month, I raised the issue of the Historian’s fallacy, post hoc, ergo propter hoc (Latin for “after this, therefore because of this”), which consists in attributing a causal sequence between two events based on the fact that one event follows another. My lecture […]

Analects of the Core: Katznelson on affirmative action

Affirmative Action performs acts of “corrective justice.” Public policy is used to compensate members of a deprived group for prior losses and for gains unfairly achieved by others that resulted from prior governmental action.  Corrective justice, the legal philosopher Jules Coleman has noted, is different from a fair allocation of goods.  Rather, it identifies interventions […]

Introducing the new, revised CC204

The faculty in Core Social Sciences have introduced an exciting new version of CC204 (second-semester Social Sciences) on the theme of “Inequality.” Prof. Thornton Lockwood provided the following description of the course: Over the last two years, major changes have been going on with the second semester of Core Social Sciences. In the fall semester […]

Are you for surreal?!

Mr. Victrola Cola: I got this great window cleaner. Cleans good and doesn’t streak. Smells bad, though. Cleans good, but smells bad. Putney Swope: As a window cleaner, forget it. Put soybeans in it and market it as a soft drink in the ghetto. We’ll put a picture of a rhythm and blues singer on […]

Analects of the Core: Gould on replacement of theories

In this view, any science begins in the nothingness of ignorance, constructing theories as facts accumulate.  In such a world, debunking would be primarily negative, for it would only shuck some rotten apples from the barrel of accumulated knowledge.  But the barrel of theory is always full; sciences work with elaborated contexts for explaining facts […]

Us vs. Them: Tension in All Times

The Chronicle of Higher Education recently published a piece detailing various perspectives on the problem of people from the other– namely, that we are inclined to orient ourselves to favour people like “us” and treat less positively people “like them:” Are we just boringly binary? And why, as both Rodney King and distinguished science writer […]