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Upcoming MFA Courses & Lectures

Throughout the next couple of months, the MFA will be hosting numerous intriguing lectures related to the Museum’s special exhibitions and timely art topics. Here is the description from their site: Speakers include artists and art experts from around the world. Or expand your art horizons with one-day to ten-session offerings designed to complement the […]

Computers in the Classroom

Computers are everywhere in lecture halls these days. You look up from your notes, and the girl in front of you has the slides from the lecture up on her computer and is writing notes directly next to them (far superior to a three ring notebook); the guy three rows to the front has been […]

Six Quotes: Samons on Ancient Greece

“Triremes were built to kill. You can’t have fun on a trireme. You can’t water-ski behind one. You can’t hold an afternoon BBQ on one. You can’t do anything but kill on a trireme.” “Why did the Athenians beat the Persians? Because the Persians showed up to the wars with wicker shields. Wicker. The Persians […]

Six Quotes: Kleiner on the Acropolis

“When you go into the Acropolis, why are all the great buildings off to the left? In the archaic day there was the greatest temple erected right before you. This was the temple the Persians burned down and which prompted Pericles and the Athenians to rebuild.” “Despite the agony on the centaur’s face, the whole […]

Six Quotes: Zank on Genesis

“Genesis starts with ‘In the beginning’; and that is always a great place to start.” “The Bible’s stories, laws, and beliefs decisively influenced the western imagination; biblical heroes became models for kings and commoners, and taught westerners how to act, what to pursue, how to govern and rule.” “The Bible has been many a person’s […]

Special CC101 lecture tomorrow

CC101 students, please be reminded that you are meeting for lecture at 9:30 AM tomorrow in the Tsai Auditorium for the second and final forays into the world of Greek (and contemporary) mathematics. Prof. Hall’s lecture tomorrow will be on the nature of mathematical proof, with an example from Platonic solids. Current students can view […]