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Postcards to the Core: from London, April 2013

We are thrilled to hear from Core alumna Megan Ilnitzki, who writes to Professor Eckel with news from London. It sounds like she is having a great time over on the British Isles. See for yourself: Dear Professor Eckel, Just dropping you a quick hello from London! I am loving it here! I’ve been to […]

Postcards to the Core: from Australia, March 2013

We are excited to report that we have received news from Core alum and current Core House RA Nick Pantages. He writes all the way from Sydney, Australia, where he sounds like he is having a marvelous time. Here’s what he has to say: Hello Core! I hope all you professors and Zak are doing […]

Postcards to the Core: from Phnom Penh

Postmarked August 1, from Cambodia — Phnom Penh is amazing! So much to see and do and Cambodians are incredibly friendly! I hope all is well at the Core office! – Abby Simon, Core ’06, CAS ’09

Postcards to the Core: from Spain

¡Hola Core Family! I traveled to London with some friends last weekend and actually got to see this painting in person! I also ran into about half of BU at the dorms there, haha. I hope you all are doing well and the freshmen are continuing on to their second year in the fall. I’ll […]

Postcards to the Core: from Paris

Dear Core, Hola! I am on a mini-break from Paris, in Madrid right now, where I had the treat of spending the day in the Prado. Velázquez and Goya close up are really an experience. I never really “got” the singular appeal of Las meninas or The 2nd of May until I was there, in […]