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Postcards to the Core: from Israel, June 2017

We’re excited to hear back from Core alum and recently graduated Yanni Metaxas, who hand-delivered a postcard directly to the Core Office after spending some time in Israel. Here’s what one of this year’s Polytropos winners had to say: June 2017 Dear Core Office, Greetings from Israel! And from the tomb of Christ 🙂 Here’s […]

Postcards to the Core: from New Zealand, June 2017

We were delighted to receive word from Caroline, who is following-up from a successful first year at BU by spending her summer breaking doing political campaign work in New Zealand. She writes: Kia Ora (in Maori, hello, and good health!) from New Zealand! Just figured I would send some love from the Southern Hemisphere, where […]

Postcards to the Core: from England, April 2017

We were delighted to receive a postcard from Core alumna Abby Petersen! She writes to us from London, England, where she is studying abroad at present. Here’s what she has to say: 4/1/17 Dear Core Office, Top of the morning to you! After a few years spent with all of our discussions and lessons about […]

Postcards to the Core: from New York, July 2016

We got mail! This time it manifests in the form of a postcard from our very own Professor Kyna Hamill, who writes to us from New York. Here’s what she has to say: July 26, 2016 Hi Core! I thought this is what our students would look like after going through Core books for four […]

Postcards from the Core: from France, April 2016

We are delighted to hear from Core alum Ryne Hager, who sent us a lovely (albeit brief) postcard from Sisteron in southeastern France. Here, he takes a page out of Rene Magritte’s book. Ceci n’est pa une post card. * Core loves postcards. Whether you’re at home or abroad now, we’d love to get one […]