Why Don’t We Have a Men’s History Month

By: Sabrina Schnurr

March 1st marked the beginning of Women’s History Month, an official recognition of women’s contributions to civilization, culture, and humanity throughout history. I commend lawmakers for establishing Women’s History Month in 1987. Women, after all, are chronically under-represented in textbooks, and women’s achievements are often ignored or minimized by historians. Having March officially designated as Women’s History Month puts a focus on women’s overshadowed role throughout history, and forces many to recognize that women drove a large portion of technology and culture. The existence of Women’s History Month begs the question that if Women’s History Month exists, shouldn’t we also have a Men’s History Month? After all, isn’t equality the driving force of the progressive movement?

By stating that “I don’t think there should be an International Women’s Day if there’s not an International Men’s Day, too” is like saying, “I don’t believe in Black History Month without a White History Month to balance it out.” There is no need for balance. The imbalance is the point.

Literally every month is already Men’s History Month. Men have controlled every aspect of civilization for thousands of years, and they are celebrated constantly. Almost every historical holiday focuses on men: Columbus Day, MLK Jr. Day, President’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day. The default is thinking of men as important historical figures.

Nothing about Women’s History Month diminishes men. The fact that men feel upset about celebrating important women simply underscores the male-focused nature of our society. We can’t even talk about celebrating women without some guy grunting, “Yeah, but what about us?”

To the fellas saying that men deserve some time just for them, remind those men that of International Men’s Day! IMD is an annual international event celebrated every year on 19 November; the month of November is also occasionally recognized as International Men’s Month. Jerome Teelucksingh chose November 19th to honor his father’s birthday and also to celebrate how in 1989, Trinidad and Tobago’s football team united the country with their endeavors of qualifying for the World Cup. Teelucksingh has promoted International Men’s Day as a day where all issues affecting men and boys can be addressed. IMD strives to gain “gender equality and patiently attempts to remove the negative images and the stigma associated with men in our society.” The aim of International Men’s Day is generally to celebrate positive male role models and to raise awareness of men’s issues, including topics such as mental health, toxic masculinity, and the prevalence of male suicide.

Weird flex, but okay.

12 thoughts on “Why Don’t We Have a Men’s History Month”

    1. Sounds like you’re the pathetic one, upset about a simple and inoffensive article from 4 years ago. Lol

      1. Let’s not forget THE super pivotal moment we can all thank a woman for, the fall of humanity. Thanks to Eve being disobedient after being told NOT to eat from the tree of the “knowledge of good and evil”, humanity fell from grace. Thank you Eve!!!

    1. @Ang lmfao thats a joke!! Equality!?! Women don’t want equality. They want domination! They won’t be happy until they have done every single thing they “think” a man did to them. They don’t want to be equal. They want to be the dominating ones. Its blatantly obvious. Everything they say is hippocritical. Take anything they preach and switch the sexes and they would hit the roof if men did the same things! Lol everyone sees through this charade except for modern militant feminists.

      1. why do women support the Democrat party? The Democrat party is responsible for the woke movement and the transgender movement which is diminishing women’s rights.
        Women’s rights to compete with women only have been taken away, women’s right to have their own locker rooms, showers, and bathrooms have been taken away. All of this has been done by the Democrat Party. I just do not believe women at that stupid. I may be incorrect in my thinking. (I do have 4 daughters and 2 granddaughters. None of them agree with the woke agenda. I guess they are with the few SMART WOMEN in this country.

  1. To everyone saying this article isnt offensive “Weird flex, but okay.” after the article saying something about male issues yeah this was definetly wrote by a feminist stay strong bois

  2. how dare you there wouldn’t be humans without women you can’t have children in your body and also historically women cooked clean ’cause men were “Too busy to do either”

  3. For the feminist one you sound kind of messed up saying presidents day is a day focused on men. What happend to women being presidents? and what do you mean by the response “Weird flex but okay?” to when you said the prevalance of mens suicide. Listen im not an adult but I know how hard people have been on men now, because men expected to do all the work. When we make a woman or make a girl to pay they pull the card “Wow, what happend men being the bigger person” and shit like that but girls are complaining about how girls are seen as the bigger person in all of history. You dont realize how fucking dumb that sounds. Being a men sucks, if I look at a girl im seen as a fucking for doing absolutely nothing, the media nowadays is fucked up. You all talk about “gender equality” but what you really mean is women supremecy, you people are fucking idiots never post another article again especially if you’re getting packed by a college student online, go suck a big fat dick

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