Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Mystery Poem

By Melissa Hurtado

I pee every 5 minutes

Do you?

I’ve gone to 4 different doctors

How about you?

They all tell me it’s a UTI

But that’s not true

I have pelvic floor dysfunction

And you probably do too

Pelvic floor dysfunctions are common in 1 of 3 women. Most of the time people live undiagnosed because they are too scared/embarrassed to report their symptoms or are misdiagnosed. They are not life threatening but can significantly affect the quality of life. Women, especially WOC, tend to underreport their symptoms and so they are the most affected by this. It is important to talk about your pelvic floor muscles and how you can get treated. Part of the reason why there’s still such a mystery regarding the dysfunction and ways to treat it, is because women’s health issues are understudied and at times ignored. Men with pelvic floor dysfunction experience erectile dysfunction… and guess what? THERE’S A CURE FOR THAT.

What can we do about this? Talk about your symptoms! Talk to your friends, doctors, join facebook groups, and continue to seek help. It’s okay to be in pain but it is not okay to hide it.

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