The Characters Start Talking: Playwrights 2011

The Characters Start Talking: Playwrights 2011

Taken from the site:

The panel of playwrights – Annie BakerRinne GroffKaren Hartman and Alfred Uhry – talk about their writing process; the role of the dramaturg; writing adaptations; collaborating with directors; whether they have a specific actor in mind when they’re writing; and how they see the role of the playwright in theatre today.

(Somewhere around 20 minutes they talk about working with dramaturgs.)

I think writers are a special breed for artist, and playwrights are a special breed of writer. It’s interesting to listen to these accomplished writers talk. Writers are writers, no matter what they write, they all have similar characteristics and personalities (and it was E.B. White who said no one gives a damn about writers except other writers.) So much is familiar to me–what they are talking about–especially as they begin to talk about the obstacles, the trials and tribulations of writing plays and collaborating. For me, a long-time writer entering a new phase of his life and career, this was a particularly eye-opening video, well worth the time it took to watch.

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