American Theatre Wing: Tons of Videos

Did I stumble on a goldmine of videos on the theater or what? Yesterday when I found and posted the video of Annie BakerRinne GroffKaren Hartman and Alfred Uhry talking about playwriting at the America Theatre Wing site called The Characters Start Talking I was a bit mystified by the title, but now realize the video is just a small piece of a huge series of videos on people who work in the theatre.

Go to and check out the left hand nav column. Yeah, that’s about eight links that lead you to pages that are filled with videos of interviews with people who work in the theater. Prop mistresses and stage managers and directors and actors. Sort the playwrights, and you’ve got a marathon of video.

A playwright at the playwrights’ get-together the other night at Stoddards asked Phil Berman and me if he should take some acting classes just to better understand the stage, and of course we both piped up with a resounding Yes! I know I’m going to be digging into these videos. Anything you can know about the working of the theater or the stage is helpful in what we do. This is a huge resource. Bookmark the site.

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philschroeder posted on June 12, 2011 at 9:55 am

Great stuff, John!

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