Where dreams really do come true and somewhere I will never bring a child under 10.

A long weekend in Disneyworld, it was my gift to me for completing first year of law school. I suggest you all treat yourselves to something wonderful when you finish your 1st year because it truly is an achievement worth celebrating. My trip was great, especially beers around the world in Epcot. Attached is a picture I took while waiting to get a photo with Darth Vader. I laughed for a long time at that scene, Darth Vader, apparently quite nearsighted, holding an autograph book 4 inches from his eyes while a cute little girl that’s barely knee high waits in her frilly dress. Poor Darth, he’s really lost his edge since that Death Star blew up….


In the meantime, OCI is my new ball and chain. Today brings me a little break from reading law firm websites, so I will bid you adieu so I can start doing the last week’s worth of homework……