Get Ready for Round 3!

Sitting on my couch this weekend, I came to two very shocking realizations:

    1) I haven’t paid my taxes yet. When are those due?
    2) I only have two weeks of class remaining in my second year of law school.

The first mental note was easy enough to address – I’m a broke law student and I don’t have to pay anything. But the second issue requires more thought. First, why didn’t I realize the semester was coming to a close? The time has flown by pretty quickly – what people don’t tell you when they say that your second year of law school isn’t half as hard as the first is that my workload has easily tripled. Most of these commitments are extracurricular – being the Co-President of the Jewish Law Student Association, a cast member on one of the top law school comedy groups in the country, and an active (and soon to be published) member of the BU Journal of Science and Technology Law might have been a bit too much to take on. Tack that on to the over 200 pages of writing I have due between April 2 and May 2, and I’m pretty surprised I even know what year it is. I suppose that’s what Google Calendar is for.

I guess you can say that I am a bit divided right now between whether I should be more nostalgic for the year that’s been or excited for the year to be. To be honest, I already have one foot out the door for the summer – I will be working for a prestigious federal independent regulatory agency in Washington, DC this summer and I can’t wait for my June start date. I feel like it’s getting to be time to move on. That’s not to say the last two years haven’t been great, because they have been. But law school is a journey, not a destination, and after two years I’m really feeling the urge to start asking “Are we there yet?”

Sticking with the journey metaphor a little bit longer, the one thing I will say I have grown to appreciate more about BU is that the paths of no two students are ever same. That is to say, there are so many opportunities and resources at this school that you never feel confined to one direction, but there is enough depth that if you find something you love, you can run with it. I’m switching gears a bit next semester – I hope to try the Civil Litigation Clinic, which should be an interesting commitment. There’s a wealth of opportunity here, so as long as I’m putting in another two semesters, I am going to be sure to make the most of them.