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“Pahting Is Such Wicked Sahrow” – A Goodbye to Boston University School of Law

Three years. Like the hair metal band Cinderella once sang, “You don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone.” Twelve seasons. The Monarch Butterfly develops in its cocoon for ten days.  The Boston University Law School Tower looks distinctly like a concrete cocoon – if that cocoon was asymmetrical, lopsided, and peppered with antennas that […]

Beginning of the End – Thought #2 – Culinary Memories

Not to brag, but I’m a decent cook.  By that, I mean I generally understand recipes, pay close attention to my food when I cook it, and invest my self in my culinary endeavors.  I’m not great, but I manage.  This skill always comes in handy about this time every year, when I end up […]

Beginning of the End – Thought #1 – Democratizing the BUSL Curriculum

Five weeks left of instruction.  After that, it’s exams, commencement, the bar, and then life.  And, probably, finding a new law blog to settle down and write sporadically. I’ve started to take stock of a lot of things, but one tangent I want to go on today is one thing I’ve really missed at BU […]

Small Victories

One of the great things I’ve been involved with at BUSL has been the Journal of Science and Technology Law (JOSTL).  Other than being an organization with a great place for studying (and to escape to a private room in the Tower with a PS3 for “research purposes”), JOSTL has been the source of some […]

I Just Can’t Quit You, Facebook

My Google Reader feed picked up a blog entry re-tweeted by another friend that argues that Facebook and similar Internet technology can be distractions that can hurt you academically.  From Study Hacks:

Dead Month

January is a weird month in law school.  Everyone gets their fall grades back, which no one wants to talk about.  The SGA goes on its annual Ski Trip over the MLK Weekend, where things happen that no one wants to talk about.  Most law firms won’t be hiring until March, so there is no […]

Professionally Responsible? Could’ve Fooled Me

Earlier this month, before my self-imposed radio silence during the exam period, I received my results for the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination.  I took the test, a pre-requisite to registering for the bar in most states, in early November, and waited six months for my scantron to be graded and placed on a curve. Turns […]

Hopefully, the First of Many

This past Wednesday, right before class, I was called by one of my clients through the BU Civil Litigation Clinic. This client came to the clinic months ago looking for help keeping her state unemployment benefits. Her initial hearing went well back in July, but the employer appealed the decision and sought an administrative hearing […]

More Accolades For BU Law

For those of you who haven’t caught them yet, The Princeton Review’s 2010 Law School Rankings are out. (HT: ATL) Unlike the US News and World Report rankings, which use a combination of archaic and largely unknown factors (including, apparently, the square footage of the law library and the size of the school’s endowment) to […]

A Day In The Life: DC Job Fair

Welcome back! I hope everyone is geared up for another great year at BUSL. In what will hopefully be a recurring series, I am going to try to document my feelings and emotions going through certain law school events that some people consider a signature part of the experience. This way, you will know a […]