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See You In The Fall

I know that posts have been a bit scarce – finals, clinic papers, and a visit from the parental units will do that to you. But I will be taking a bit of a blogging sabbatical for a couple of months. Along with pursuing other whimsical interests, I will be doing some very exciting work […]

Vote for BU!

Legal Follies, the comedy group at BU Law that Sarah and I are a part of, has been nominated for the 2009 Above The Law Video Revue Contest. Go vote for “My New Outline” here!

Get Ready for Round 3!

Sitting on my couch this weekend, I came to two very shocking realizations: 1) I haven’t paid my taxes yet. When are those due? 2) I only have two weeks of class remaining in my second year of law school. The first mental note was easy enough to address – I’m a broke law student […]

Lovin’ An Elevator

One of my cast mates from Legal Follies is a tour guide for the law school. This being tour season, with all of you new admits (congrats!) coming to check out your new digs, it’s not uncommon to hear an inordinate amount of complaints about the tower elevators. For those of you unfamiliar with the […]

The Beauty of Cold

Really, the winter isn’t as bad as you think it’s going to be. As a Californian, the main thing people asked me when they found out I was going to BUSL was “Aren’t you going to freeze?” At first, even I wasn’t sure what the answer was. But after one year of winter here, I […]

Really, Though, Nine Reasons May Be Redundant

Legal Geekery (a generally entertaining site for young legal professionals and law students) recently published an article entitled “9 Reasons Not to Attend Law School“. It explains, for those of you who may not have been perceptive enough in reading the title of the article, why choosing to go to law school is an example […]

Going Home

The three things I wish people had told me about going home before I went to law school: 1) If you’re going by plane, train, or bus, book your tickets as soon as they are available.  Boston is a city dominated by students, so there is a virtual exodus from bus stations and airports in […]

And Its Surely To Their Credit

I have an appreciation of The West Wing that can be easily characterized as “slightly unhealthy”.  I have been a fan of the show since it came on the air, if not sooner, counting the first time Aaron Sorkin sunk his dirty witty hooks into me with Sports Night. Although I never thought it possible, […]

Were You Born A Classhole? (Or Did You Work At It Your Whole Life?)

At BU, they’re called classholes. At many other schools, gunners. Still others have no title but are reserved a snide look and a withheld invitation to any social invitation outside of the law school. Want a visualization? Think about varying degrees of Dwight K. Schrute. I don’t know when or how it started, but these […]

Get Out & Vote!

Discussion of the political nature of law school aside (that post is coming soon), there is still time to register to vote in many states, including Massachusetts.  PLEASE go to the Google Voter Project and find out how you can register.