Going Home

The three things I wish people had told me about going home before I went to law school:

1) If you’re going by plane, train, or bus, book your tickets as soon as they are available.  Boston is a city dominated by students, so there is a virtual exodus from bus stations and airports in the week leading up to the winter break.  If you wait until the last minute (or even September) to book your round trip tickets, you’re going to pay through the nose for fares – if they are even any seats left to buy.

2) Give yourself a travel buffer for weather.  Maybe this isn’t news for some of you, but I grew up in California, and I knew nothing of “blizzard delays” or “fuel compressors freezing up”.  Just know that travel will inevitably go slower than expected, and connecting flights should be avoided like a plague.

3) Catch up on pop culture before you go home.  When you get away from law school and the people you know there, you’d be surprised how little people care about the Erie Doctrine and how much they care about Desperate Housewives.  I, for one, was shocked that show was still on the air.  Just make sure you give yourself some time to decompress and get out of law school mode in time for dinner at the dining room table.