Law Students are So Competitive

Law students are really competitive.  Well, of course they are, that’s how they got to where they are.  Still, this competitive nature is not exclusive to the classroom.  They exercise too.  No, I’m not talking about using the stairmaster while they review their con law notes…actually, some people probably do that.  It’s not my thing, but whatever.  No, I’m talking about epic dodge ball tournaments, beating undergrads in intramural sports, and being overall warriors.

For those of you who miss eighth grade gym, or want to take out some frustration on the guy in class who raises his hand too much, the dodge ball tournament was great.  Here were the winners in 2009.  Note Spiderman and a monkey on the winning team.


Ok, so playing dodgeball against other law school students isn’t necessarily a test of our athletic prowess because we might all be bad.  Well, we also beat the undergrads in indoor soccer.  We’re law students.  We work all day.  ALL DAY.  It never ends.  Still, the BU Law soccer team found enough time to stay in shape.  Well, good enough shape to beat those scrappy young undergrads.  Just because we had a player who used to play D1 soccer does not at all detract from our loss.  No it doesn’t.  Stop saying that.  We earned it.  Whatever.


Finally, for those of you who love crazy races, we have a nice core group of people at BU who love them too.  Our running club is probably the most constant group to exercise with, and there is always someone around here training for a marathon or a triathlon.  For those who want more, the craziest race BU students competed in: WARRIOR DASH!!!! 3+ miles up and down a ski slope with mud, ropes, barbed wire, and ax throwing.