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Letter to Prospective Students

Dear Prospective Students, Hi.  How are you?  Good?  Good.  I’m writing this because I know going to law school comes with an insane amount of questions.  Some of them, you just can’t find answers to.  Sometimes you’ll find conflicting answers.  Hopefully this letter will answer some questions you have about BU, but this will be […]

Post Spring Break and My Stream of Consciousness

I just finished my last spring break ever (I think), and going to Vegas was great.  It was warm, the food was great and I got to relax. Today was my first day of classes since, and man did it hit me hard.  It started snowing the gross wintry mix it does in late spring, […]

Boston is home, but I won’t be here for a while

They tell you in your second year that you should take an easier load first semester for the job search.  They say this because if you do On Campus Interviewing, you’ll be traveling a lot and it will make things easier on you. Now I wish that I had made my final semester in law […]

Mind Warp

Before coming to law school, I had always been told that the first year of law school is all about teaching you how to think differently.  Sure the material in each class is different and some classes you like more than others, but they’re all really geared towards changing how your mind works.  It’s a […]


Calm, cool, and confident.  This is what interviews are all about.  And before law school, it’s how I felt during them.  I’d go to the office, talk to a few people and an hour later, I had a job.  In law school…not so much.  For starters, interviews for professionals are much more involved.  2L year […]

Last Semester

Some of my fellow bloggers have commented about how this semester is one they plan on enjoying and how they are not working as hard.  This tends to be a common sentiment among law school students past.  I believe there is a saying about this phenomenon: 1L year you’re scared to death, 2L year you’re […]


That’s pretty much what I have been looking at all day.  A computer with some scratch paper, sodas randomly laying around me and my books next to me.  Of course, that means it’s finals.  You would think by my third year I would have this thing down, and I wouldn’t stress about it.  Well, I […]

Not Home for the Holidays

Most people who make it to law school have always worked hard.  Still, prior to law school I had always had time to go home for the holidays.  I may have had to do some work while at home, but I’d never thought of skipping out on being with my family.  Well, not so much […]

The Case for the Tower

There is no way around it; the BU law tower is ugly.  It’s an upturned cinder block; a towering hunk of concrete ugliness; a giant ugly eyesore.  It’s 110 degrees in the winter or 30 degrees in the summer.  The elevators don’t work.  A lot of prospective students tell me that one of the biggest […]

Law Students are So Competitive

Law students are really competitive.  Well, of course they are, that’s how they got to where they are.  Still, this competitive nature is not exclusive to the classroom.  They exercise too.  No, I’m not talking about using the stairmaster while they review their con law notes…actually, some people probably do that.  It’s not my thing, […]