Boston is home, but I won’t be here for a while

mapThey tell you in your second year that you should take an easier load first semester for the job search.  They say this because if you do On Campus Interviewing, you’ll be traveling a lot and it will make things easier on you.

Now I wish that I had made my final semester in law school easier.  It’s not because I have senioritis, it’s because over the next month, I will be traveling all across the US.  Between job interviews, moot court, friends’ weddings and BU Law softball, I’m not going to be home on a weekend until mid April.  In the movie 1L, it made law school seem like a time where you lock yourself in your room, stay up till 3, and kill yourself with work; and sometimes it is.  Still, sometimes you have to do that same work on the commuter flight to San Francisco in a suit while a small child screams behind you…or besides the pool at the Excalibur hotel in Vegas while undergrads do cannon balls nearby.