That’s pretty much what I have been looking at all day.  A computer with some scratch paper, sodas randomly laying around me and my books next to me.  Of course, that means it’s finals.  You would think by my third year I would have this thing down, and I wouldn’t stress about it.  Well, I guess that’s partially true.  I definitely have a better idea of what I need to do now.  I also have a little more of a tolerance for the amount of work I have to do.  Still, finals always gets to me.  Between the stressed caused stomach aches and the lack of any fun activities in my life, I’ll never enjoy finals.  Still, there is one perk to finals; it means its the end of the year.  Soon I’ll be able to relax a little more, see my friends, and catch up on things I haven’t had time for during the school year.  There is finally a little bit of light on the horizon.