The Case for the Tower


There is no way around it; the BU law tower is ugly.  It’s an upturned cinder block; a towering hunk of concrete ugliness; a giant ugly eyesore.  It’s 110 degrees in the winter or 30 degrees in the summer.  The elevators don’t work.  A lot of prospective students tell me that one of the biggest reasons they don’t want to go to BU is because of the tower.  And yet, I love the tower.

Prior to law school, I heard that the competition would be a hyper competitive slugfest with everybody cutting each other down.  My friends at other schools told me about pages being ripped out of library textbooks and students putting incorrect information in outlines they passed around the class.  At BU, I have seen none of this.  That’s not to say the students are not competitive or smart; they just don’t cheat or try to get ahead by hurting others.  Everyone works together…for the most part, and gets along.  Also, the people are fun.  They’re complete dorks, but they still know how to have a good time.

Although the tower is not pretty to look at from the outside, it has some of the best views of Boston.

tower view

All in all, the tower is fun place to be.  Besides, it doesn’t really matter what the outside of the building looks like.  That’s for tourists and parents.  What matters is how much you enjoy your time and the people around you.  In that respect, BU does a great job.