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Crisis of Faith

So, April is not fun. Even relatively to the rest of law school. Finals begin at the end of the month – a fact of which everyone is painfully aware. The journal writing competition begins right after finals. Most people are still looking for summer jobs that pay a wage greater than or equal to […]

Running A Marathon

After being somewhat goaded into it last month, I signed up for the BU Law “Race Judicata” 5K run held on March 29. If you don’t get the punny title, I apologize – if you do get it, I fervently apologize. To get an appropriate scope of this commitment, you have to picture a 5′ […]

New Students: Avert Your Gaze!

I know most of you reading this have just been admitted to the Boston University School of Law Class of 2011. Congratulations are in order, but so is one very important warning, no matter what school you attend next year: Do not, under any circumstances, watch The Paper Chase. Some of you may not have […]


About one year ago, I received a phone call at work from the previously unrecognized 617 area code.  The man on the line asked me if I had any questions about the informational packet I had received from Boston University School of Law.  My response was a confused “What packet?”  The subsequent explanation led to […]