I am a political economist specializing in U.S. foreign economic policymaking on export-oriented countries of Northeast Asia – China, Japan, and South Korea. I work on trade and energy issues with regional focuses on East Asia and the Middle East. I also conduct policy-oriented research on the two Koreas.

I am a Lecturer of Global Affairs and Government at George Mason University Korea (GMUK) via the Global Affairs Program and the Schar School of Policy and Government at George Mason University.

My first book manuscript, ‘Trade Wars & Currency Conflict: Northeast Asian States Responses to US Pressures’, highlights the role of domestic institutions in China, Japan, and South Korea toward their foreign economic policy outcomes and argues that institutional variance best explains their responses to the U.S in trade wars.

Envisioning my second book project, I conduct research on East Asia’s transregional transactions with the petrostates of the Gulf, focusing on East Asia’s increased consumption of Middle Eastern oil and gas and provision of nuclear and renewable energy to the region.

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