I specialize in U.S. foreign economic policymaking on export-oriented countries of Northeast Asia – China, Japan, and South Korea. I have a specific interest on policy issues surrounding the two Koreas. I am currently a Research Fellow for Northeast Asia at the Key Research Institute, Seoul National University Asia Center, and a non-resident James A. Kelly Fellow of the Pacific Forum CSIS. I am also one of the 30 members of the Asia 21 Young Leaders Initiative selected by the Asia Society for the 2017-18 academic year.

I work on foreign economic policymaking with regional expertise on East Asia and West Asia (or the Middle East). I focus mainly on issues of trade and energy policy. My first book manuscript, ‘Trade & Currency Conflict: Northeast Asian States Responses to US Pressures’, highlights the role of domestic institutions in China, Japan, and South Korea toward their foreign economic policy outcomes.

Envisioning my second book project, I am conducting research projects intended for journal article publications on East Asia’s economic engagements with the West Asia, specifically pertaining to trans-regional transactions in energy, infrastructure, and development aid, with a focus on Iran, Iraq, Israel and countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

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