Industrial Policy and Weaponized Chip Supply Chains

Since the Japanese export curbs on semiconductor fabrication materials against South Korea in July 2019, I have been researching on the geoeconomics of chip supply chains. I have closely followed the unfolding of weaponization of semiconductor supply chains during the pandemic and post-pandemic under Trump and Biden administrations. The culmination of my work,Industrial Policy and Weaponized Chip Supply Chains: The Role of the U.S.-China Race for Supremacy in AI in the Japan-South Korea Chip War” is currently under review at a major peer-reviewed academic journal.

Chips for Jabs

Alongside the LAC project, I am working with Dr. Chien-kai Chen of Rhodes College on a different article, “The Geopolitics of COVID-19 Vaccine Procurement by South Korea and Taiwan from the United States amid the growing U.S.-China Tech War.” The heading, ‘Chips for Jabs’, implies that chip production capacity during the global chip shortage became a bargaining tool for vaccine procurement for countries with chip fabrication capability, such as Taiwan and South Korea.

The research project investigates the ways in which semiconductor fabrication capability was pledged to the U.S. in order to procure vaccines during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Op-Eds on Chips in the East Asia Forum (EAF)

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