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[BOOKTUBE] INSIDE TRADE WARS Ep. 1 – Why will the UK ban Huawei by 2027? – ‘China’s Offensive in Europe’ by Philippe Le Corre & Alain Sepulchre, Brookings Institution Press (2016)

INSIDE TRADE WARS  BookClub Book of the Week: ‘China’s Offensive in Europe’ by Philippe Le Corre & Sepulchre, Brookings Institution Press (2016) ‘L’Offensive Chinoise en Europe’ par Philippe Le Corre et Alain Sepulchre, Fayard (2015) Click on the book covers for more details. There are not many books out there that surveys and explores China’s penetration […]


On July 24, 2020, my YouTube Channel, INSIDE TRADE WARS has officially been launched. INSIDE TRADE WARS is a BookTube about the geoeconomics of trade wars. It aims to raise public awareness on trade wars today – which are not just tariff wars, but intertwined with energy wars, tech wars, artificial intelligence and info wars. It airs […]