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[EXPERT PANEL + PUBLICATION] ‘Democracy in Asia’ Phase II Project Report Launch Event at the Brookings Institution

Democracy in Asia: Addressing challenges to democratic governance

[EXPERT PANEL + REPORT] Discussion on the Geopolitics of global high-tech standards with the Oxford Global Society (OXGS)

I was invited to speak on a panel with the Oxford Global Society (OXGS) around mid-August 2022 when I was preparing for the interview for the Schmidt Futures – Oxford University (Mansfield College) fellowship. Since my job interview with the Nissan Institute at Oxford University in the first pandemic year this was my second interaction […]

[EXPERT PANEL + PUBLICATION] ‘Framing the Future: U.S.-ROK Tech Cooperation to Achieve Net Zero’ at the National Bureau of Asian Research (NBR)

The long-awaited publication on net-zero that I have been working with National Bureau of Asian Research (NBR) has now been published. Click the right for the PDF of the report. This policy report is an outcome of the expert panel held at the NBR HQ in Seattle on June 14, 2022 (read below for further […]

[PUBLICATION] RSIS Monograph on ‘Regional Economic Integration in the Post-Pandemic Era’

The RSIS-GRIPS project that lasted half a year from February to August 2022 during my stay at Princeton has come to a close. This project has been special as I was able to connect with my coauthors at RSIS during the launch conference of International Strategy Forum – Asia Fellows at Schmidt Futures in April […]

[PUBLICATION] Book Chapter on NK Cyber-hacking and Sanctions published by McGill-Queens University Press

My book chapter on North Korea’s Cyber-hacking and the art of evasion on sanctions will be published by McGill-Queens University Press on September 15, 2022. This project has had a long time coming, from invitation to two rounds of conferences and workshops online during the pandemic and finally revision toward publication. My chapter is at […]

[EXPERT PANEL] ‘Privacy & Ethics in the Digital Era’ at the 2022 Asian Leadership Conference

During my visit to South Korea this summer, I spoke on a panel at the Asian Leadership Conference held in Seoul from July 13-14, 2022 at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul. Usually the ALC involves speakers that are big-shots in grand ballrooms and I enjoyed the line-up of speakers that are well known, but also […]

[EXPERT PANEL] ‘South Korea and the New Geoeconomics of Asia’ at the Brookings Institution

On May 25, 2022, I spoke for the first time at a panel organized by Dr. Mireya Solis and Dr. Andrew Yeo at the Center on East Asia Policy (CEAP) at the Foreign Policy Program of the Brookings Institution, with distinguished panelists Hye-Min Lee and Wendy Cutler, who were the prime negotiators of the U.S.-ROK FTA […]

[FELLOWSHIP] International Strategy Forum – Asia 22 at Schmidt Futures

In February 2022, upon arriving at Princeton, I was anonymously nominated by someone to be considered for the inaugural Asia cohort of the International Strategy Forum at Schmidt Futures. Upon giving consent to be considered, I was selected and participated in the launching conference for the Asia Cohort (’22) by Schmidt Futures at the Capella […]

[PUBLICATION] Policy Paper on South Korea’s Pathways toward a CBDC published by Korea Economic Institute (KEI)

My policy paper, ‘South Korea’s Critical Moment in Digital Currency Policymaking: Between Regulating Cryptocurrencies and Launching a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)’ has just been published by the Korea Economic Institute of America (KEI) in Washington, DC. Click on the right to read. This is my ongoing effort on addressing regulating digital currencies in global finance, following […]

[PUBLICATION] Policy Paper on North Korea’s Cyber-hacking of Bitcoins published by NCNK / Wilson Center

My policy paper, ‘Cyber-hacking as a Means of “Self-reliance”: North Korea’s Ransomware-based Cyber-hacking for Economic Gains in the Absence of Regulations on Cryptocurrencies in Global Finance’ has just been published by the Wilson Center and the National Committee on North Korea (NCNK) in Washington, DC. Click on the right to read. This is my ongoing […]