[PUBLICATION] Book Chapter on NK Cyber-hacking and Sanctions published by McGill-Queens University Press

My book chapter on North Korea’s Cyber-hacking and the art of evasion on sanctions will be published by McGill-Queens University Press on September 15, 2022. This project has had a long time coming, from invitation to two rounds of conferences and workshops online during the pandemic and finally revision toward publication. My chapter is at the very end because it is slightly out of the context from the rest of the chapters and because it emphasizes that the UNSC sanctions regime is ill-equipped to deal with the illicit activities that occur in cyberspace. If you’re interested, check out the chapter below when it is published.

  • June Park. 2022. ‘The Art of Evasion in the Cyber Economy: Cyber-hacking, Money Laundering and the Evasion of Sanctions by North Korea,’ in Andrea Charron and Clara Portela eds., Multilateral Sanctions Revisited: Lessons Learned from Margaret Doxey. McGill-Queens University Press.

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