On July 24, 2020, my YouTube Channel, INSIDE TRADE WARS has officially been launched.

INSIDE TRADE WARS is a BookTube about the geoeconomics of trade wars. It aims to raise public awareness on trade wars today – which are not just tariff wars, but intertwined with energy wars, tech wars, artificial intelligence and info wars. It airs every Friday at 7PM, Korea Standard Time (KST). The BookTube also targets students of the next generation who will benefit from enhancing their understanding the context of trade wars today.

In every episode I will bring about my insights on the most pressing trade war issue of the week, coupled with a recommended book on the topic. My reading of the books will be uploaded here on my research web, under BOOKTUBE, a platform which will serve as the INSIDE TRADE WARS Book Club for the INSIDE TRADE WARS BookTube.

Each episode is written, produced, filmed and edited by myself at the National Library of Korea Digital Library for direct deliverance of my ideas to the audience. I welcome you to participate in the INSIDE TRADE WARS discussion platform, and to share with me what you think about trade wars.

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