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A Serious Undertaking

It has been about two months since I first started my ministry outreach project for Marsh Chapel, the Thurman Group and I must say that I am fairy pleased with how it is going, at least for the most part. A regular group has started to emerge, people feel more comfortable expressing themselves to each […]

On the need for a new church cont.

Before I continue with this train of thought I must answer a critique I received on my last post. It was said that I conveyed a disdain for the rituals of the church. In my last post of this title I attempted to convey, not my own personal discomfort with the rituals of the church, […]

The beautifully absurd

My morning commute from Newton to Boston provides the context. There is something so peaceful atop the hill at the Andover-Newton Theological Seminary where I currently reside. I not only hear the birds chirping but I see them fluttering about in the tree right outside my window. As I drink my morning coffee meditating on […]

Boredom or Apathy?

In the 2009 Canadian comedy, The Trotsky, Leon Bronstein, a high school student who thinks he is the reincarnation of Leon Trotsky, organizes a demonstration in front of his father’s non-unionized business. ¬†As a punishment for this action Leon’s father takes him out of his private boarding school and sends him to public school (that […]

Searching for Home

Despite my hellish attempts to retreat headlong into the world of ideas and imagination, it seems father time demands that I rest my feet on some solid ground and call it home. Of course one cannot deny Thurman, “How good it feels to center down,” but there is so much calamity in rest. Rousseau claims […]

On the need for a new church

Over the weeks I have been interning a Marsh Chapel many of the old anxieties I have had about church have crept back into my head. I have for as long as I can remember always been uneasy with the form of Church, the steady ritual, the sterile feeling, the image of one man standing […]

Just Recently

Recently, I was introduced to the Baha’i faith by one of the professors at Boston University. She told me about their idea of progressive revelation, meaning their faith honored many of the world religious traditions in sequence. (Please forgive me for this rather crude understanding of this complex religion) They believe that many of the […]