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Prayer and our existence

The outside world is hushed. The phone is put aside. I sit still in the middle of an empty study lounge. All the tables and chairs have been cleared out, leaving me to sit on the ground and listen to the cars faintly race by on the highway below and the occasional rattle of the […]

Thank you Marsh Chapel!

I’ve thought about numerous things to write about for my last blog post as a Marsh Associate, and honestly it was harder than I thought it would be. There are so many things I want to say and that I wish I could tell everyone that’s been through this journey over the past two years, […]

Simplicity and the Streets of Boston

Comm Ave has quieted down over the past several weeks. The bustling street full of cars and pedestrians has grown still. The stillness is only occasionally cut by a sprint of traffic or a cyclist here or there. Comm ave reflects our lifestyle here in Boston. The days are still and are only interrupted with […]

A Final Thought On Marsh Chapel

Dear Marsh Community, Today, April 19th, 2020, I write what will likely be my final Marsh Blog post. In four years, I’ve seen an immense amount of change. But throughout these changes, one things has remained constant: my prayer at Marsh Chapel. During a non-coronavirus impacted school year at Marsh Chapel, you could find me on […]

Self Love and Self Care

During this difficult time, it is far too easy for self-care to be forgotten or neglected. Unfortunately, I find that when self-care is forgotten, my self-esteem and general well being suffers tremendously. As a result, I have three strategies that help me greatly in maintaining my mental and physical health. The first strategy is to […]

Current events that have shaped my views on humanity.

Many of us are scattered around the world. We have been displaced by the COVID-19 outbreak and its effects on society, forcing us to relocate or remain where we are. These have been trying times. Securing food, shelter, health, and comfort have been at the forefront of people’s agendas. Nearly every day the government releases some […]

Taking Care and Talking Care

Over the course of the past month in quarantine, I’ve found that I’ve been surrounded by silence a lot. My general inclination to fill that silence is through music. Whether it be listening to music through my headphones or sitting down at the piano, I tend to turn to music to internalize my thoughts and […]

Prayer Practice

Over the past few weeks, my prayer practice and form of worship has had to completely change. Before all of this, I already started to believe that I focus and get closer to God when I am with family or alone in nature than when I am in Mass; however, that was before there were […]

Big and Small

Each new bullet of bad news seems to ricochet off yet another, creating a torrent of projectiles. And in this process, the unknown location of the path of each ricochet makes the fear of being hit by bad news even greater. How do we cope with the uncertainty of life? How do we cope with the uncertainty of […]


It is a rare thing to be able to say that we have all unanimously experienced something that is the same in origin and nature. These times have been trying and continue to push us to find ourselves and our own purpose in all of this. Thus bringing be to the subject of this post. […]