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Prayer and our existence

The outside world is hushed. The phone is put aside. I sit still in the middle of an empty study lounge. All the tables and chairs have been cleared out, leaving me to sit on the ground and listen to the cars faintly race by on the highway below and the occasional rattle of the […]

Simplicity and the Streets of Boston

Comm Ave has quieted down over the past several weeks. The bustling street full of cars and pedestrians has grown still. The stillness is only occasionally cut by a sprint of traffic or a cyclist here or there. Comm ave reflects our lifestyle here in Boston. The days are still and are only interrupted with […]

Current events that have shaped my views on humanity.

Many of us are scattered around the world. We have been displaced by the COVID-19 outbreak and its effects on society, forcing us to relocate or remain where we are. These have been trying times. Securing food, shelter, health, and¬†comfort have been at the forefront of people’s agendas. Nearly every day the government releases some […]

Faith Through the Seasons

As the warm weather fades from the rearview and the leaves begin to fall from the trees we can see the changing patterns of faith in our communities. No longer are we praying to find AC or¬†shelter from the rays of the sun but instead praying for more sun as it begins to set sooner […]

Fostering an Environment of Care and Inclusion on Campus

University culture provides an environment that hosts room for under sight and it becomes the social responsibility of the community to protect one another. Regarding the campus survey of Boston University, the first part of the survey focuses on bystander involvement, intervention, and interaction. I am pleased to see that a majority of students who […]

Boat watching

A friend of mine told me that I needed to spend less time focusing on my future and to enjoy senior year.   College goes by quickly. Endless papers, social functions, catching up on sleep, people to meet, employers and recruiters to call. It all adds up and soon Nickerson Field will be covered with […]