Faith Through the Seasons

As the warm weather fades from the rearview and the leaves begin to fall from the trees we can see the changing patterns of faith in our communities. No longer are we praying to find AC or shelter from the rays of the sun but instead praying for more sun as it begins to set sooner each day. We pray that gloves can remain in their drawers and that the first day below freezing is far off. In the fall, praying for optimistic weather is only part of the prayer. The fall ushers a change in attitude. The life of barbecues in the afternoon, sitting out by the water, and simply being fade away until the winter thaws. Fall is a season of memory where we celebrate many holidays integral to nearly everyone’s life. We have Thanksgiving coming up, a holiday centered around festivities, good food, and most importantly, family. It is a time of celebrating and embracing those close to us, both related and not. In college and among younger crowds, Friendsgiving has become commonplace to celebrate the great friendships that are like family. As we study far away or move into new environments where family isn’t close, our friends serve as an extended family. Faith also changes. It is a time of gratitude. Veterans day is next week. We take certain days each year to honor and remember those who have fought, served, and died for our country. Independence day is similar in that we celebrate our nation’s history and the enduring freedom sustained since that day, but it is filled with many events and food and festivities. Veteran’s day is a quieter day. It is a day of remembrance. On this day we pray for those who have risked their lives in the many forms that it takes and their families. This year, Boston University is celebrating its 100th anniversary of the establishment of its ROTC and the continued call of young people to serve in the Armed Forces. We pray for our friends and family who answer this call, that they may return safe and be with us once again. Our faith allows us not to forget all of those who have spent part or all of their lives serving so that we may be here safely. As we await the coming of Christ in December we pray for the Holy Spirit to be with us. Faith in the Fall makes me think of my high school’s football games, praying before the start, or praying before our races. We pray for God to be with us as we near exams, the end of the fourth quarter, and that we may survive the Winter. There is optimism in this knowing that Spring one day will come, when the gloves return to the drawer, our cars can start with no struggle, and the grass begins to turn green and soon enough we will be praying for AC again.


nedayas posted on May 22, 2023 at 3:40 am

It has always been this prayer that gave me energy to continue on my path… Of course, I tried to make it permanent and not seasonal…

mixing tank posted on June 16, 2023 at 9:39 pm

I’m blown away!

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