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Driving “Above” The Influence

Ever wonder if the Jetsons were the only ones with flying cars? Wouldn’t it be nice to escape the two dimensional world of traffic? The Jetsons had many many “highways” of cars going in every direction. Well, we might not be able to reach the potential yet, but there are developments striving to this goal. […]

A High-Flying Bird

As humans, we usually think that most birds fly pretty high. But when you actually find out how high some of these birds really fly, you would be astounded. The bar-headed goose is one of world’s highest flying bird. These birds have been spotted flying over impressive heights such as Mount Everest (29,029 feet!) and […]

The world’s smallest flying creature!

The parasitic wasp (Dicopomorpha echmepterygis) is the smallest flying creature in the world with a length of approximately 0.1mm-0.17mm and a weight of only 0.000025 grams. It typically serves as a biological crop protector by killing the eggs from which harmful caterpillars grow.¬† The wasp is technically¬†a parasitoid because while parasites live off the expense […]

That Thing Can Really Fly?

Weighing in at an average of 14 kilograms (about 30 pounds), the Andean Condor is the largest known bird with the capability of taking flight. If you are ever in the Andes Mountains, or the neighboring Pacific coasts that border South America, look for the bird’s dark black coloring coupled with white feathers surrounding its […]