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Dancing Science

The seminal and most hilarious (in my opinion) science dance video on you tube, is the one where a rather large group of students danced the prokaryotic translation on a football field at Stanford in 1971. Since the 70s quite a lot of science themed dance videos were posted on youtube, or wherever they got posted […]


I have previously written about Oscar, recently I found out that there is also Oskar which is is involved in Drosophila embryonic development. Oskar is transcribed from maternal mRNA and absolutely crucial for establishing the anterior-posterior axis of the developing embryo by localizing the germ line cells at the posterior pole of the embryo. The […]

How to identify “relevant” recruiters

by Lauren, CEO of propel careers this post is reposted from the propel careers blog. Finding a good recruiter who works in your area of interest can be extremely beneficial for your job search. With thousands of recruitment firms, ranging from one person companies that focus on specific roles, i.e. director level clinical affairs roles, to […]

Popular Science Articles-Something for Everyone Part II

compiled by Noah 1. Why are there still so few women in science? (NYT Magazine, October 2013) Women still unfortunately face many challenges in establishing a successful career in science. This article serves a timely reminder of these issues and also highlights a number of approaches which are being taken to increase the numbers of […]


by Juliane I like interns. I know that as a good postdoc (and PhD student for that matter) I should detest those time-sucking parasites, who need three hours to load an agarose gel, ask what temperature a 37C waterbath is at and manage to contaminate a cell line kept at 10x pen/strep. (the last paragraph […]

Golden tickets to a marathon

by Juliane I got a PhD. Doing it was very normal: I did research in a laboratory, during the 2nd year I started to realize that my supervisor wasn’t the all-knowing wise man I thought he was, and after my third year he finally grew tired of having me around, so he let me graduate. […]


If you follow this link, you will be able to listen to trance music, which was really popular in the 90s. Interestingly, at the same time a D. Anderson from the group of L. Galibert in Seattle and B. Wong from the group of Y. Choi in New York published papers about TRANCE the TNF […]

What Lauren can do for you…

by Lauren and Juliane Last week Lauren shared with us her experiences starting her own business. Lauren also works for BU as a career coach for postdocs and PhD students. I asked her questions about what kind of coaching a postdoc can expect from her. Question: What is your position/role at BU? LC answer: I […]

Leveraging skillsets when making a transition

by Lauren, CEO of propel careers this post is reposted from the propel careers blog. I am often asked by clients at all levels “how to transition” from one type of role to another. The advice I give is the same regardless of who I am speaking with – a CEO, a head of research, or […]


by Juliane This week I will write about Drosophila genetics. The founding fathers of modern genetics were very creative when naming their favorite genes; from Sonic Hedgehog to Bride of Sevenless, their gene names read like titles of novels rather than hard science. While being super-creative however, they did groundbreaking science, resulting in several Nobel […]