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Dancing Science

The seminal and most hilarious (in my opinion) science dance video on you tube, is the one where a rather large group of students danced the prokaryotic translation on a football field at Stanford in 1971. Since the 70s quite a lot of science themed dance videos were posted on youtube, or wherever they got posted […]

Popular Science Articles-Something for Everyone Part II

compiled by Noah 1. Why are there still so few women in science? (NYT Magazine, October 2013) Women still unfortunately face many challenges in establishing a successful career in science. This article serves a timely reminder of these issues and also highlights a number of approaches which are being taken to increase the numbers of […]

Is the media shaping us or do we shape the media?

by Juliane I often find the presentation of science and scientists in the media quite biased. This might be because I am female and for a long time have had a hard time seeing a person like myself portrayed in popular media. However, the presentation of scientists in the media can be an interesting reflection […]

Popular Science Articles – Something for Everyone

compiled by Noah In this regular series, I will highlight fascinating new and old articles covering most scientific fields. 1. The mouse trap – The dangers of using one lab animal to study every disease (Slate, November 2011) A huge and long overdue examination of possible drawbacks associated with the over use of the mouse […]