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On being a postdoc and a father

by Daniel As a postdoc I have attended many conferences and workshops dealing with work and life balance, but I feel that the father’s role is sometimes overlooked. I would like to share my experiences on being a postdoc and a rookie father. At the end of my second year of postdoctoral tenure at Boston […]

Building skills for a career while in academia

by Lauren, CEO of propel careers this post is reposted from the propel careers blog. The topic of career planning is something that I discuss with almost everyone I speak with, regardless of whether they are a graduate student or industry professional. I emphasize that regardless of where someone is in their career, steps can […]

Is the media shaping us or do we shape the media?

by Juliane I often find the presentation of science and scientists in the media quite biased. This might be because I am female and for a long time have had a hard time seeing a person like myself portrayed in popular media. However, the presentation of scientists in the media can be an interesting reflection […]


by Juliane Merlin-the wise wizard, the guardian of ancient wisdom long since lost in the fog of time. Merlin,who played a pivotal role in the epic that unfolded around King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table by placing a sword into a stone. Merlin- a regulator of the Hippo/SWH signalling pathway. Merlin,who plays […]

Contribute to the postdoc blog

by Juliane Dear BU postdocs! Maybe you have just read a couple of posts on the brand new postdoc blog. If so  hopefully you think: “Neat! I like it and will read it again next week” That is great, thank you and come back again soon. But maybe you were thinking:  ”This is a nice […]

Science on Screen

by Juliane The Coolidge corner cinema in Brookline made a great start into their 9th season of Science on Screen by arranging a special showing of Memento. This was preceded by an introductory talk by John Gabrieli from MIT, who worked for many years with the patient who was the inspiration for this movie. The patient, […]

Popular Science Articles – Something for Everyone

compiled by Noah In this regular series, I will highlight fascinating new and old articles covering most scientific fields. 1. The mouse trap – The dangers of using one lab animal to study every disease (Slate, November 2011) A huge and long overdue examination of possible drawbacks associated with the over use of the mouse […]

Protein of the week

Introducing: Protein of the week by Juliane Everybody knows scientists are very serious people, who spend all of their time in the lab working out which proteins are expressed in cells and what those proteins do. Whenever they find a new protein they give it a name and a number, like A1XT53, that nobody can […]

Introducing the Post-Doc Blog

What is a postdoc supposed to do? Research? Career development? Supervision? Job hunting? Research whatever the PI wants? Develop your own project? Write papers? Read papers? Think outside the box? Finish old projects? Start new projects? Find collaborations? Do what you want? Go to Seminars? Attend workshops? Network? Tweet? Join linkedIn? Researchgate? Lablife? Get an […]