The Art of Follow-up

by Lauren, CEO of propel careers

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Following up with individuals who you meet at scientific conferences, through networking, and other activities is important to develop relationships with your connections. Over time, these relationships can provide insight into industry, various career paths, and job opportunities. These connections should be actively fostered. Below are tips on how to follow up and cultivate your network. These tips extend beyond sending the initial “nice to meet you at (fill in the blank) scientific conference / networking event” email.

Read industry relevant newsletters and follow up with your contacts Stay current with industry news by reading sources such as Xconomy (for entrepreneurial companies), Fiercebiotech, Biospace or MassDevice . Various news sources exist for each focus area so identify ones relevant to you. When you see news about a contact’s company, email them to mention it. For example, congratulate them for their firm’s successful commercial approval, fundraise(r), or partnership. Your contacts will appreciate that you are paying attention to their company and keeping in touch.

Stay in touch on LinkedIn

Use LinkedIn to stay in touch with your contacts. Add details to your profile so your connections can see your background and experiences. Use the status update feature on LinkedIn to let your contacts know when you publish papers and speak at conferences.

Get involved in networking groups or industry associations

Take an active role in a networking group like Healthcare Business Women’s Association ( ) or an industry association such as the Boston chapter of AACR ( to build connections with people who share your passions. Hundreds of such organizations exist, so identify those relevant to your background and interests and become involved. Join a committee within the group, such as event programming, and actively attend the group’s events. Your involvement will build connections and allow you to stay in touch with people who are also active in the organization.

Invite your connections to speak on a panel

When your school or networking group is looking for speakers for career panels, industry focused events, or seminars, reach out to your contacts and ask them to participate. Even if your contacts cannot participate due to schedules, they will appreciate that you reached out. This is a wonderful way to keep in touch.

Ask your connections for career/industry advice

Ask your contacts about their career paths, how they chose them, and what guidance they would provide for someone looking to be in a similar career. People enjoy helping others and feel good when they can provide advice, especially career advice.

Let your contacts know when you publish a paper or speak at a conference

Share details about your recent publications, presentations, conference abstracts, or other scientific details with individuals who have expressed interest in your research. Through this, you build thought leadership and become a resource for your contacts.

Numerous opportunities exist to follow up with your connections. Tailor your approach and use multiple avenues of engagement. Through your effort, not only will you build connections, but you will gain a lot of industry knowledge as well.



ashu posted on January 21, 2014 at 2:35 pm

thnx for the information.
i think follow up can be justified more as per different industries

Brian Cohn posted on February 23, 2014 at 9:45 pm

Very solid recommendations. Thank you.

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