The postdoc guide book (part 1)

by Juliane

There is a very comprehensive document for postdocs kindly provided by Yolanta from the office of postdoctoral affairs. It is accessible from the OPA website.

I don’t think many postdocs have read it, so I decided to read it and write about it.

This document is surprisingly comprehensive, or at least long (34 pages). I am impressed by the work Yolanta and other put into it.

The interesting stuff starts on page 4 with a very nice check-list for new postdocs.

I would add a few of points to the list:

–       HR orientation session for postdocs employed directly by BU and not on fellowships

–       Safety training for all researchers, in person basic laboratory training only happens every two weeks and should be done as soon as possible

Some other points need to be updated, which is understandable, since the guidebook was written in 2012.

–       The ID office at the medical campus is now closed between 9 AM and 12.30 PM, so we can only get ID-batches between 7 and 9 AM or 12.30 and 3 PM. I absolutely don’t understand why.

–       The BU housing office offers apartments to staff, but they are expensive and often not in a nice area, Harrison Court is right opposite the medical center.

What I find a little weird is the advice to talk to my tax accountant, I have never met a postdoc, who had a tax accountant. However, I am sure this is good advice, especially for postdocs on fellowships, who have to figure out their taxes and health insurance independently of BU.

This is a great start to the guidebook and so far I recommend it to new postdocs as a starting point.

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