Paper 1 Reflection

Paper 1 is kind of a free-writing essay since there’s no strict topic of it. I feel easy to discuss the topic I am interested in in the essay, however, the essay is limited to a 600-900 word requirement so that I cannot write as much as I want. The problem that I illustrate in the first paragraph actually has ¬†more answers, which might make the solution more specific and more persuasive. In my essay, I compare Chinese food to American food in order to find which one is healthier. Personally, I feel the answers could be various depending on which aspects you focus on. Scientific data is hard to find. Internet might be the only reference, and the precision of the data might not be confirmed. ¬†Therefore, the most difficult part of writing paper 1 is trying to make the answers(solutions) to the question(problem) be persuasive and the data in the answers should be precise for ¬†supporting the thesis statement (or conclusion).

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