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My name is Gina Kim and I’m a first year Journalism grad student at BU’s College of Communication. As a 24-year-old California native, I am an-ex business magazine writer, metaphysical poetry enthusiast, and a certified boss in the making. I was an English literature/classics major at the University of California Santa Cruz and wrote for my on campus satire humor publication during my senior year of college. I was also a competitive student athlete for 19 years, which meant I pretty much had no life all. Eventually, I competed for my alma mater’s NCAA Division III Women’s Swimming and Diving team. Originally, I was planning on getting my Masters in English Literature straight from undergrad, but realized I didn’t want to stay in academia forever. So, I put all my eggs in one basket and applied to BU’s College of Communication. Now I’m here. In my free time I enjoy reading, watching Bob’s Burgers, RuPaul’s Drag Race, listening to metal, and blogging arbitrary complaints about crappy corporate coffee shops, social justice, the patriarchal society, and monogamous relationships.

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