Keiko Talley


My name is Keiko Talley. No one can ever say my name correctly, not even my roommates. I was born and raised in northern New Jersey, on the lake. There are no Snookies or Pauly Ds by me, and I couldn’t be happier. I studied communications at a small private college, only 30 minutes away from home. After college I tried to get a job, but like most of my friends I ended up moving back home and becoming a nanny. After two years of changing diapers and picking up after children, I realized my favorite part of the job was giving the kids back to their parents. Desperate for change, I decided to pack up everything I owned and drive five hours north to the best journalism graduate program at Boston University. Having never lived further than 30 minutes away from my family, my adventure as a New Jersey girl in a foreign land has officially begun.

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