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The Economist on Enjambment

The Core presents an article from The Economist, which discusses enjambment’s popularity and origins. Here is an extract: In “The Force of Poetry”, Christopher Ricks, formerly the Oxford Professor of Poetry who is now at Boston University, writes elegantly of the way enjambment can make language seem elastic: Lineation in verse creates units which may […]

Daily Photo: The Fall of Lucifer Illustrations

  These are drawings by 19th century French artist Paul Gustave Doré, made for Paradise Lost. The first depicts Lucifer trying to hold on to Heaven before he is sent down to hell for inciting a war in the between the angels invariably causing the fall of man. The second shows Lucifer being cast out […]

Analects of the Core: Milton on charity

This having learnt, thou hast attained the sum Of Wisdom; hope no higher, though all the Stars Thou knew’st by name, and all th’ ethereal Powers, All secrets of the deep, all Nature’s works, Or works of God in Heav’n, Air, Earth, or Sea, And all riches of this World enjoy’dst, And all the rule, […]